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“Most people think that if you live in the South that you are used to guns, probably own one and have experience shooting them.  However, I am Southern through and through and this does not ring true with me.  The first time I ever held a gun was while taking the NRA Basic Pistol Course with Pinault’s Defensive Solutions which was a fantastic experience and was a women only team building day arranged by my company.  I am now comfortable enough to handle a .22 and am even in the market for one, for protection only.  Mike and George from the company were both very professional and reassuring.  I’m looking forward to taking more classes with them in the future and would not hesitate at all to recommend Mike and his team.” 

Ashley Roberts, Account Manager, Lesley Francis PR

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"I come from London, England where the use of firearms is less popular so I was nervous around guns.  I  wanted one t0 one tuition so I could take the lesson at my own pace and I did not want to spend a fortune.  I immediately felt comfortable with Mike Pinault and even enjoyed both classes I have taken so far.  I am planning a team building day on the range as a refresher for myself and the three ladies who work with me at LFPR."

Lesley Francis, CEO of Lesley Francis PR, Savannah, GA

"I live alone with my dog Zoe and I wanted the reassurance of being able to defend myself shout the need arise (which I hope it doesn't but like the good insurance I wanted to e prepared).  I contacted PDS and felt very comfortable in their basic shooting class which encouraged me to take the NRA Basic Pistol class.  When it came to selecting a firearm for defense at home I must admit I was nervous.  Mike Pinault was extremely reassuring and gave me plenty of time with no pressure to order a firearm from him although I did and I am very pleased I chose PDS."

Kim S. - Business Owner, Richmond Hill, GA

Mark Rich- Midway Police Officer/ Firearms Instructor- Richmond Hill, GA

"Okay folks here's my take on PDS...... I've known Mike personally for many years. We once worked for the same agency, so I also know him from a professional standpoint. For many years Mike has worked hard to get Into a position where he could get his instructor certifications and start teaching. He had assisted me with classes from entry level on up to instructor level training classes and had worked himself into a position to where he can branch out on his own. Now normally it would go against all standards to endorse someone who is now going to be a potential business competitor since after all this is what I have done for over 25 years- HOWEVER, it is with great enthusiasm that I will say give Mike some love and go see him for some of your weapons training, he is good, he will give you a vetted product in a positive learning environment and will provide you with a good start on your personal protection needs. I look forward to again working with Mike on future joint training programs as he builds his clientele. Welcome aboard brother, you've earned it...."

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